Passel Professional All-purpose Wipe

– ammattilaisen yleispyyhe monenlaiseen käyttöön

The Passel towel is suitable for almost all wiping. It absorbs water and other liquids many times its own weight. Due to its size, the package is easy to carry with different jobs. Wipes are made of viscose, cotton, synthetic and recycled fibers. It is environmentally friendly, can be disposed of by burning. Wipes are suitable for machine wash.

Machine wipes

10 kg packages

Machine wipes are washed and sorted during manufacture. They are cut from recycled textiles. The buttons, zippers are removed and cut into pieces of suitable size. They are packed in convenient and compact 10 kg plastic bales. Machine wipes are particularly suitable where the shape or size of the wipe is less important. Applicable especially in metal industry and repair shops.

Nonwoven wipes

Kestävä, nukkaamaton ja imukykyinen

Nonwoven wipes are suitable for all kinds of wiping, whether dry, damp or wet, all grades are also suitable to use with food.

Wood based fibers and water jet knitting technology ensure the best product for any type of wiping – they are lint-free, durable and absorbent. Thanks to the cross-lapping technique, wipes are very durable.

The grammage weight range is from 40 to 72g, and our product is divided into four different strength groups based on average weight:

Aino Fibers 40 g / m², Eino Fibers 50 g / m², Oiva Fibers 65 g / m², Esko Fibers 72 g / m²

The standard size of nonwoven sheets is 40×60 cm in 5 kg packages – larger batches can also be cut to customer’s specifications. Contact our sales representative to find the solution that is right for you.

Nonwoven wipes are also available in handy rolls with a width of 40 cm and a length of 30 or 50 m perforation at 60 cm intervals.

If you wish, we can put the customer’s own sticker or label on the packages.

Multi-purpose wipe for many users!

Applicable for: industry, cleaning, car service, polishing, agriculture and also absorbs water, oil and paint

Cleaning Wipes

Jotain tekstiä tähän? 

Soft paper wipes

Mikä ihmeen soft?

Soft dry paper is made from pure pulp in an environmentally friendly dry process. It is a 100% renewable product. Soft is almost lint-free, highly absorbent, soft and wet strength. Absorbs up to three times more water than normal kitchen wipes.

Soft is suitable for all applications. Can be disposed of by burning, composting or in normal mixed waste, but not suitable for toilet drains.

Soft paper wipes are available in rolls with perforation and different size sheets.

Applicable: windows, mirrors, sinks, cars, boats, drying, waxing, polishing, industry, garages, agriculture, milking wipe.

Papers for wiping

We sell the best-known Finnish toilet papers, wipes and hand wipes. Through us, you will find the right products at competitive prices as well for households as business. Some paper wiping products are immediately available from our warehouse – if necessary, we will order the right paper product for your specific needs.

We have our own toilet paper and kitchen wipe product Pojo.



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